Friday, August 06, 2010

Like A Bad Penny...

It's good to know that if for some reason the current iteration of the Bulls' team doesn't work out, our old friend is working his way back toward the helm of the Knicks.

I forsee two problems: 1) We don't really have any terrible, Curryesque players on this roster any more. I suppose Deng's contract is less than ideal, so maybe we could dump him for Gallinari and, say, three first round picks. But that leads into 2) I'm pretty sure the Knicks can't trade any of their 1st round picks until 2016. (This most recent year's went to Utah, and Houston got NYK's 2012 and 2014 picks for kindly taking on Jared Jeffries.) Of course, by then, Noah will be in his early 30s, so we might be looking to re-load; what a relief to know Isiah might very well be out there, making that task infinitely easier.


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