Friday, May 07, 2010

My Greatest Fear

Let's compare:

----------PER TS% eFG% TRB% AST% TO% USG% 3FG% FTA/G

Player A 14.2 .501 .465 7.0 18.7 11.6 23.4 38.2 3.5 (Career Playoffs)
-------- 16.9 .476 .432 7.7 25.0 10.2 26.8 25.0 3.8 (2010 Playoffs)

Player B 15.9 .537 .492 5.9 28.8 12.8 20.6 40.5 4.7 (Career Playoffs)
-------- 13.3 .533 .500 6.5 15.1 3.3 13.9 50.0 2.8 (2010 Playoffs)

Do either of these players look significantly better than the other? And do you think either of these players should command a maximum salary?

I ask because one of them is Kirk Hinrich and one of them is Joe Johnson. If the Bulls end up inking the latter, I hereby predict it will make the Ben Wallace signing look like the Deal of the Century, as well as take the incredibly promising career of Derrick Rose and squander it down the toilet. That it is even being discussed is absolutely terrifying. Any talk of it---much less, a (perverse) hope for it---needs to stop. Now.


Blogger Nels said...

Thank you. Why anyone would give JJ a max salary is beyond me. Yes, he's worth a good deal of dollars, but a max salary? You don't just give a max salary to the best player left if you don't get LeBron, Wade, or Bosh. You give a max salary to someone who deserves a max salary.

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