Sunday, July 11, 2010


From Brian Windhorst's awesome story on "The Decision":

The Bulls' chances were diminished for two central reasons. Wade wasn't willing to go to his own hometown. And the Bulls made it clear James' friends would not be given the privileges they were given in Cleveland or the high-paying jobs.

A lot to think about here. For starters, it seems like the talk about Wade not ever being serious about signing in Chicago was correct.

As for the second revelation...I have to say I'm torn. On the one hand, I could bitch and moan about Reinsdorf's controlling ways and how they cost the Bulls a chance at getting the best player of our generation. That aspect of him drvies me absolutely nuts. But on the other hand, after seeing what all the coddling and enabling of James in Cleveland eventually wrought for that franchise (destruction, a handful of bitter ashes), it does make me have second thoughts about selling your soul to the devil (and "his team"). It's hard for me to read this classic Woj article and think, "Man, I wish the Bulls would have followed that blueprint."

Of course, if the Heat end up winning four titles and killing the Bulls over the next half-decade, I might have to revise that opinion.


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