Friday, November 14, 2008

A Calm Tyrus Is A Good Tyrus

Since I've been doubting him lately, let me pile on with Matt and say that Tyrus had a great game last night, especially on the defensive end, where I thought he was spectacularly non-spectacular. By that I mean, he consistently kept his feet on the ground, stayed in front of his man and had his arms up, instead of leaping at every shot fake and trying to swat everything out of the sky.

I think the same approach transferred over to the offensive end, as well, where he played within himself and got his points from mostly opportunistic buckets. Until his jumper starts coming around (which I think it can/will), this is the approach I want to see from Tyrus: Don't try to do too much; play calmly within the flow of the game. If players with his athleticism can just do that, they still end up very good lines.


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