Monday, November 10, 2008

You Know You're Grasping At Straws

... when the following logic is part of your case for not starting Gordon:

Plus, there's a certain psychological boost when the Bulls starters can stay even in the first quarter, knowing that their best scorer has yet to be seen.

Crikey, man. In the first seven games this year, the Bulls have been outscored in the first quarter by 29 points, a negative 4.1 differential. It's true that in their three wins, they've managed to stay even twice and even led once (against Phoenix) by 3.

But consider their losses. They lost to Boston by a deficit of 16, 11 of which came in the 1st. They lost by three to Orlando, and yet trailed by 10 after the first 12 min. Against Cleveland, they lost by 14, 6 of which came from their 1st quarter deficit. And though they did start Gordon in the second game against Cleveland, and lost that 1st quarter by 5, it should probably be noted that they were +2 after Aaron Gray took his much-deserved seat on the bench.

It's one thing if you're San Antonio and you have Tim Duncan and Tony Parker on the floor at the start of the game, and you therefore think bringing Manu off the bench is a bright idea. I don't necessarily think it is, but whatever, it's arguable. But when you are a team that struggles to score points--and you have a fucking two guard shooting fucking 49.5 fucking percent grabbing pine at the start--well, it's inexcusable. I'm sorry Hinrich got hurt (and I kinda hope we bring Darius Washington back...we could use a backup point who is good enough for 10 minutes a game, but not good enough to play any more than that), but since it's actually getting Gordon on the floor for the minutes he deserves, you've gotta say it's a blessing not even in disguise.


Anonymous Bullshooter said...

It's only two games, but BG hasn't done anything to change the first quarter woes. They fell behind by double digits in the first with him in there, too. BG kills second teams, especially when they are up big and not focusing in what amounts to extended garbage time. His numbers are misleading, especially given the small sample.

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