Monday, November 17, 2008

The Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings...

... are up! Thanks to Ryan at Hoops Addict for tabulating.

FWIW (not much), here are my rankings (which I'm posting mostly because I'm pissed frickin' Kevin Love made the Final 5 in ROY voting and Jason Thompson wuz robbed! Stop sleeping on him bloggers!):

10 Points: LeBron James: 30, 8, and 7? Three 41 pt. games in a week? If he's not No. 1, there needs to be an investigation.

9: Dwyane Wade: Almost playing at the same level as LeBron, but turning the ball over too much.

8: Dwight Howard: So, so dominating. How did he not annihilate Olympic competition?

7: Chris Paul: The only player who can produce 22, 5, and 12 (while shooting 55% and leading the league in steals) and actually be a little disappointing.

6: Kobe Bryant: Nothing spectacular thus far, but until his team loses, he's gotta be top five. [NOTE: THE LAKERS WERE UNDEFEATED WHEN I WROTE THIS]

5: Joe Johnson: Using the same logic, let's show the Hawks' best player some love. I watched him have a bad shooting game against the Bulls, and he still ended up killing them with timely assists.

4: Paul Pierce: Had basically been ho-hum, until this week, when he stepped up HUGE late in games, much like in last year's Playoffs.

3: Tim Duncan: Not sure if he can keep the Spurs alive, but he's doing his damnedest.

2: Amar'e Stoudemire: Take away his huge game against the Pacers, and he probably doesn't merit Top 10. But that game was jawdropping

1: Chris Bosh: On pace for his best season.


5 Points: Derrick Rose: There is but one God, and Derrick Rose is his prophet. If he was playing with even a decent frontcourt, his assists would be a lot higher.

4: OJ Mayo: Impressive scoring, and, better yet, impressive shooting. That assist to turnover ratio (1:1.25) is a wreck, though.

3: Rudy Fernandez: 48 from the field, 46 from behind the arc, and 93 at the line: What's Spanish for "shooting the lights out"?

2: Jason Thompson: 12 and 7 per 25 minutes is pretty frickin' good for the pick everybody mocked. Indeed, per minute, he's rebounding and scoring(!!) better than Beasley.

1: Michael Beasley: Not that Beasley's been a bust. The scoring's been good--at times stunning. But where's the consistent rebounding?


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