Monday, March 24, 2008

New Coach Availability: Avery Johnson

The Dallas media (and Mark Cuban) are slowly turning on Avery. Cuban made what appears to be a rash, imprudent decision to jettison a young, above-average point guard for a very good one with ZERO scoring ability and I hereby predict the Mavs begin to implode, if they haven't already. If, thanks to the Diggler's injury, they go ahead and lose the next two weeks worth of games and fall out of the playoffs OR if they sneak in and lose to the Lakers/Phoenix in the first round, I can't see how someone like Cuban would hold on to his coach. Especially after they have clashed so clearly. Also,who hasn't wondered how Avery can deal with such an intrusive boss?

I'm scrambling for ideas on how well Avery would fit within the Pax-Reinsdorf vision but perhaps the esteemed TYI community can offer up some other reasons why this might or might not work.?
  • Intense defense.
  • Lots of cutting and pick and rolls.
  • Ablitily to turn under-appreciated draft picks into all-stars.
  • Skiles-esque intensity to scare the sh*t out of a team of nice guys.
Pax will surely put the laid-back Jim experiment to rest this off-season. This could also add an interesting twist to Cuban's impending Cubbies purchase.


Blogger BenGo07 said...

The problem with Boylan isn't that he's laid back; It's that he's a doofus, who thinks it's cute to play Nocioni at center and Luol Deng at PF, refuses to develop our young frontcourt players despite the fact that this season is lost, and can't come up with a set rotation to save his life (or, heh, his job).

Avery Johnson's a good coach, and, if he's available, he might be the most palatable of the unsavory options out on the market. But his teams are tremendously boring to watch and he's an absolute control freak, which, after Skiles, may not be the best way to get our players to respond. Of course, Pax is probably going to blow up this team in the offseason, so maybe we shouldn't worry how the current players will respond to anyone.

12:42 PM  
Blogger T Dizzle said...

Avery is a good coach but I think he is in the Skiles mode. All I know is that Boylan should be fired today. I watched the game Saturday night and even when the Pacers were down by ten I knew the game was lost. He could have called a timeout to kill their momentum but no he just sat there like the stooge he is. And what the hell was with Thabo sitting the entire second half! I have a feeling Hughes, Gorden and Noce will be gone along with Jimmy

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger NeekoBoi said...

Avery is going to get fired for sure if he doesn't get the Mavs out of the 1st round

Will The Mavs Fire Avery?

11:35 AM  

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