Monday, March 31, 2008

Investimagating K.C.'s Claim

Inspired by a true story.
Served as primary ballhandler for longer stretches than ever and continued to display poor decision-making. With size limitations, often got swallowed by double-teams.
Gordon played a higher percentage of his minutes at point guard this season, but his career low usage, career low 2.7 PF/36, and career low TOV% actually indicate improved decision making. Maybe. Low for Ben Gordon 16.9 FGA/36, and a career low 26.0 Usg% (again) show the possibility of a poor decision; Ben Gordon wasn't trying to score so much.

Much like his sophomore attempt to play effectively the entire game, and resemble whatever Scott Skiles thought a starter was supposed to be, Gordon reeled in his game. I never thought he had to, and drops in eFG%, as well as FTA resemble those second year mistakes. But the regression from 2006-07 hasn't been as bad as the forgettable 2005-06 season. Ben Gordon is finishing up his second best pro season with a 16.3 PER, and while it's been disappointing, it wasn't that bad.


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