Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The L Was Worth It To See Richard Jefferson Hurt Himself Recap

Because no one has uploaded video of RJ blowing a gut gasket due to excessive chest pounding:

Hurricane relief is a good cause and all, but I would rather fund (or make blood sacrifices to) the PopcornMachine. Link to the fancy box score!

Like everyone is saying, too much Nocioni (-11), too little Tyrus Thomas (+4). There wasn't a choice to play Duhon less, thanks to the Captain's not surprising foul trouble and subsequent DQ, and Sefolosha was awful. Skiles was right to permanently sit the Swiss Mister for the second half and overtime. A series of Thabo turnovers at the end of the second quarter were ugly and unnecessary.

Tiny ball was brought back, and while I'm in agreement with Rick Morrissey that Kobe longing after one loss is stupid and for the more easily amused Bulls fans, a veteran three point specialist guard is something Pax should have acquired over the summer. A 3 guard lineup would look better with a shooter in place of Duhon.

And that Antoine Wright guy? His performance last night made cutting David Wesley today an easy decision. No, he's not the three point specialist the Bulls should be looking for.


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