Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Expect the Best

Well, those wascally wabbits at We Wite Gwoode twicked me with their whole "high-concept, low-rent" NBA preview, but the end result is pretty cool, so I'm holding off on flying to D.C. and wreaking my vengeance. (I still maintain the right to do this, however.)

Basically, they asked a bunch of different bloggers from different teams to predict their most ideal and most realistic outcomes for the upcoming season. The trickery came in because they didn't tell any of us that they were then going to tally the results separately to see if us sweaty bloggers had a self-correcting mechanism that took into account competition or whether we were all just idiot fanboys. The verdict? Most bloggers do correct their optimism and it comes pretty close to a wholly corrected, "objective" prediction.

You'll note that I didn't correct my prediction for the Bulls, because a) I believe this team is fully capble of meeting my regular season expectation of 55 wins and b) my wildly ideal scenarios for this team really have to do with the Playoffs (sweeping the Pistons, winning the East, winning the Finals, etc.) along with All-Star nods for Ben and Luol. Hopefully, it's a good sign that, to my mind, the regular season is really just a formality that will prove this team's talent can rise to the top over a long haul. In other words, while obviously I want the Bulls to do well in the regular season, it is no longer a definitive measuring stick when it comes to this team. It's not just Playoffs or Bust; it's Win in the Playoffs or Bust.


Blogger Crucifictorious said...

Vengeance, eh? Did I forget to mention that by living in Washington, I meant the state? Yeah, that's it.

Didn't mean to make you feel like a lab rat (although you'd have good company)...but thanks for contributing not once, but twice.

For what it's worth, I'm down with 55 wins for the Bulls. If this team took on an early Jordan-Pippen-Grant squad (say, '89-'90), who wins?

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