Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Revising Downward

With this trade, I'd like to change my previous prediction concering the T'Wolves win total this year. Let's say, ohhhhh, I don't know, 15.

In Bulls-related news, I thought this opposing scout's take on the Bulls was interesting, mostly because I disagreed with quite a bit of it. He says they're going to miss Malik Allen and P.J. Brown. Uh...really? He suggests they can get a frontcourt scorer by trading Noce, Duhon and somebody else. I'd be all for that, but who is this mystery frontcourt scorer you can get in that deal? And which GM's going to make it? (McHale seems pretty much out of guys). Hell, I'd like the working class to revolt and take over the means of production--I'm pretty sure they'd let me live--but I just don't see it on the horizon.

That said, in light of HotShit's latest reactionary stance, I found this bit pretty intriguing:

Skiles talks a lot of junk to opposing players during games, and he starts a lot of stuff and gets away with a lot of stuff that people aren't aware of because he hides it so well. But there's a point in life where Skiles can be like Larry Brown, where guys get tired of hearing him bitch every day. Players might think his style is cool when they're young in the league and they're from good programs where they were used to being coached as a lot of the Bulls players were. But after they've signed their new contracts and he starts to get on their nerves, they might start saying, 'I've got a lot of power too.' You could see one or two important guys saying, 'Screw you.' ...


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Love Wayne Simien. But it won't matter.

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