Thursday, October 25, 2007

How Much Does Skiles Enjoy Dicking Around With The Media?

That's the obvious question after the first half of tonight's preseason game. His lineup--and furthermore, his rotation--was precisely what I had hoped it would be before this whole Gray flap got reported. The starting five was Wallace, Thomas, Deng, Gordon and Hinrich. Off the bench were Joe Smith, Sefolosha, Duhon, and, finally, toward the end of the second quarter, Noah. Along with Nocioni (who was out with an injury), these are the only 10 guys I want to see on the court. And the divvying up of the minutes was also what I would expect in the regular season. Joe Smith (or perhaps, when healthy, Nocioni) should be the first to come in for Ty; Sefolosha should be the first guard off the bench; and then Duhon and Noah pick up whatever minutes are dictated by foul trouble or any other in-game contingencies. This is a lineup and rotation that wins 55 games this year. I was excited to finally see it. Now let's just hope the injuries to Wallace, Tyrus and Noah aren't that serious.

One other thing: Ben Gordon looked gooooooood.


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