Wednesday, October 31, 2007

But Who Will Cliff Robinson Root For?

His former point guard, or his greatest benefactor? (Rick Carlisle and Peej Carlesimo actually played Clifford more, but I might as well start poking Skiles' rotations with a sharp stick now.) I'm just rooting for a story or a subplot, because that seems to be the thing to do these days. Watching the sweaty men on the court isn't that big of a deal. TNT's Kobe Bryant Special With Some Basketball last night is a new direction for NBA broadcasts, and I hope it's here to stay. I had to watch the "Break Up Your Band" video like 10 times just to get my fill of dudes, but the regurgitated rumors from what seems like the past 6 months instead of boring commentary on the games was still more than worth it.

Thankfully the Bulls are on Comcast tonight, home of Stace, Red, and Tom Dore. Kobe Bryant is as well known to those 3 as Jorge Garbajosa, and after the nauseating yack last night that's a good thing. I normally hate Red's obsession with bench points, and Aaron Gray talk, but it's welcome in my home this evening. I do not care about the Lakers, Jerry Buss, L.A. fans portrayed as morons who are only pleased by recognizable names, or Kobe Bryant. That the vast majority of this crap starts out with a lie is proof that it's not worthwhile to subject myself to it.

May Duhon and Nocioni grit out a victory for Red tonight, and may the more popular message boards out there choke on their own jabberwocky.


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