Monday, June 04, 2007

TYI's GM challenge

First up - your Chicago Bulls.

We've got too much depth - assuming Kirk gets most of the run at the 1, Gordon at the two, Deng a the three and Big Ben at the 5 - then where are minutes for Sefo, Ty, Noce, Duhon (hate him all you want, then look at the bench guards for most NBA teams) Khryapa (should have some value esp. at $1.9 next year), Griff and the #9.

Rumors have the #9 to Seattle for Collison. Ok, I'd do that, he seems decent.
Or the #9 and P.J. (at one year for like $10M) for Z. Randolph. Now I know Randolph isn't a great club house guy, but, hopefully, one bad guy per team rule applies as Mr. Simmons sez. I'd be a bit worried that Skiles would bench him cause of D, but you have to do that deal if it's there. You don't get a 20/10 guy that often as BenGo07 said last night. Hell, I'd even do the #9 plus Noce. Trade Krappy for Doleac, the Heat should do it for $ reasons and ...

the Bulls trot out

Z. Randolph


Malik (fuck the PER, he plays smart and they should get him for the vet. min.)

you've still got the two second-rounders, which should be fun. A lot of interesting guys will be there for the Bulls - Chandler from Depaul, Terry from Unc are two that I like. Check out recent drafts, a lot of contributors are there. And maybe Mihm from LA if they can get him for a one-year cheapie - who knows what he's got left in him, but he put up 10/6 and a block before he got hurt.



Blogger BenGo07 said...

Collison's unlikely. He's a poison pill contract, which means no trading for him until after the draft. Also, I took a look at his "hot zones" (my new obsession) and was unimpressed. He doesn't have much of a mid-range game, with the vast majority of his points coming from layups and dunks. We already have that in Ty Thomas, who I want to see get more minutes next year, not less.

I don't think Noce, PJ and the pick would be enough for Randolph, but maybe it would be. The problem though is that Zach's contract gets pretty big, pretty soon: in the 13-15 mil range, before ballooning up to 17 mil in a couple more years. We might lose Wallace before that increase happens, but if getting him means that we miss re-signing Gordon and Deng, then I'd question the acquisition.

4:56 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Interesting stuff here:

Or as a hyperlink.

But how funny is that last sentence! We were joking last night that the Hawks would certainly take Brandan Wright, and now the news is that Atlanta's leaning toward...Brandan Wright!! That team would be like Golden State without Baron Davis at the helm: Hilariously bad!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Coach Skiles said...

I agree that's not much for Randolph, but I think he's discounted cause of the logjam for them at the 4. So they
trade him and clear like 10 mil in cap space next year and add another good youngster.

It's kinda sick how good Portland could be if they just make obvious moves this summer.

8:25 PM  

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