Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Talk About It Idiots!

Perceptive readers of TYI will note a new link has been added to our select blogroll. Unlike some blogs, TYI doesn't link to just anyone (nor will we have vaginas bandied about this office) willy-nilly. We maintain a strict, 10-Stage Screening Procedure (the exclusive rights of which belong solely to TYI Inc. and its Cayman-based subsidiaries) so that our beloved readers receive only the cream of the crop. (Or, possibly, it could be just that I'm really, really lazy.)

In any event, the new entry is Talk About It, Idiots!, co-ran by an old friend of mine, Tim Curcio. He used to be--and may still be--a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and is very, very funny. (I particularly like this YouTube clip, but all his stuff is here.) So if you're lookin' for a larf, check it out.

How is any of this Bulls-related, you ask? Good question, and I have an even better answer. Although I'm sure he hopes I've forgotten, this past December, Tim made me a drunken $20 wager that Luol Deng would never average 20 points a game over a full season. (I initially said that he would one day average 25, but Tim was audacious, perhaps magnanimous enough to lower that to 20.) I'm expecting that to happen by the end of the '07-'08 season, so three or four of my drinks at my high school's annual reunion in December 2008 are going to be courtesy of Tim. I'm looking forward to them.

PS I'm happy to expand the blogroll if anyone wants his or her site linked to, just let me know in the Comments. We can offer two, maybe three extra readers a month. Think about it.


Blogger Tim Curcio said...

It is amazing what booze does to my gambling skills. Apparently it takes away any sense of player evaluation that I have in me. I will however stick by my bet on the moral principle of it. Deng will never average more than 20 a game.

1:22 PM  

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