Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laziness Rectified

Been meaning to do this for months now, but after I saw that the estimable Kelly Dwyer was kind enough to shout us out and place us in such august company as Blog-A-Bull and K.C., I ran post haste to our Template page to add the Talented Mr. Dwyer to the TYI-Approved Blogroll.

Some call it Quid Pro Quo, Honest Graft, Get-Love-Then-Give-Love; I prefer quoting my man Bill Raft: "Socialism at its finest!"


Anonymous bullshooter said...

I think it's time for another post.

If you're looking for a topic, how about a comparison of the BG and BO fandom and how their supporters in the MSM and Bullsblogging circle absolutely cannot believe everyone doesn't think they are clear cut choices at this point despite obvious drawbacks and other viable, albeit boring options. Or has somebody done that already? Can we at least get an Antsey update?

9:04 PM  

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