Sunday, March 02, 2008

Now Being Served At The TYI Grill

Luol Deng: Three of 13 from the field, horrific defense on Lebron. Pay you 11 mil a year? Eat a dick.

Larry Hughes: Twenty shots!! Come off it, man. You are not LeBron James. Eat a dick.

Ben Wallace: Thank Jeebus you're clanking FTs and shooting fadeaways for another squad these days. But for that season and a half that you were a Bull: Eat a dick.

Jim Boylan: Hope you're hungry. Forty three minutes for Hughes?! Playing Deng at PF in the fourth??!! At the expense of Tyrus???!!! May you eat dick for every meal for the rest of your short-lived tenure as a head coach. It cannot end soon enough.


Anonymous bullshooter said...

Normally I don't often find myself agreeing with your point of view. But I have to say that I think you've perfectly encapsulated my disdain for Boylan's coaching philosophy with "Eat a dick."

6:43 PM  
Blogger T Dizzle said...

I didn't get home in time for the game but I am guessing from the "eat a dick" it must have been bad

8:18 PM  

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