Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finally Over

Thanks GOD I can finally go back to hating Big Ben again. And maybe Drew will bring back the duckbill? One can only hope.


Blogger Hot Shit College Student said...

I'm holding back the streamers until someone gets to the bottom of Duhon or A-Drain to Seattle.

2:59 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

I know...the suspense is killing me. Please be Du, please be Du, please be Du.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous pete segall said...

Brian Windhorst (probably the most knowledgable beat writer covering this horse show):

The Sonics get Ira Newble and Donyell Marshall from the Cavs and Adrian Griffin from the Bulls.

3:18 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Yeah, ESPN sez Griffin too.


3:21 PM  
Blogger CoachSkiles said...

You'd rather trade Duhon than Griff. Crazy!

Duhon is an expirer and a good back-up point guard. Griff is terrible all-around.

It's gonna be real hard for Ty and Noah not to see major minutes now.

FYI, Simmons might be a decent back-up yet. He's a N.C. State grad, so I saw him play a bunch. Basically he had one monster game against Duke and got picked way too high. But he's young and athletic.

Only downside of Wallace and Joe going is it's nice to have a big-man vet to teach the young guys.

3:39 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

I wanted Du gone precisely because he's a better player than Griff. With Du still here, Boylan will be tempted to play him over someone like Sefolosha, both out of "loyalty" and misguided man-love for his "calm, steadying" influence. Griff just rides pine (except when he doesn't; but at least that's been rare lately).

In other words, Duhon is good enough to get out on the floor, where he is a negative factor. Griff is so bad that he never gets out there, and is thus neutral to the action on the floor.

Did we get someone else besides Simmons? Ager or Shannon Brown or some other negligible ex-Sparty? And if so, does this mean the end of Demetris Nichols?

3:47 PM  
Blogger Hot Shit College Student said...

Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I looked up Simmons on B-Ref and found out he was the 15th pick in 2006. A sweet 2.6 PER in 68 minutes this season.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Hot Shit College Student said...

er, 2.4 PER.

3:49 PM  
Blogger CoachSkiles said...

Yeah Shannon Brown to keep the Ben Ten fans happy - we've now have three Acc'ers on the roster.

Ty/Gooden/C. Simmons/D.Nichols
Noah/The Big White Hope

15 I think.

3:54 PM  
Blogger CoachSkiles said...

This just in --

The Chicago Bulls signed Dwyane Wade to a five-year max deal starting in the 2010-2011 season.

3:58 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

It's possible, although at that point, Wade might not have much left in the tank. I'm actually kinda serious.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Coach Skiles said...

I hear you. Riles should really be forced to sit him down for a few weeks, if not the rest of the season.
Why should the Heat play themselves into the number seven pick, instead of a top three.

Haslem, Wade, Marion, and Gordon or Rose is a nice core.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Big Sweet said...

What do we make of Gooden? Can he help much?

4:38 PM  
Blogger Editor said...

The concern is that Boylan plays Hughes, Brown and Duhon in his newly minted 3-guard rotation. I wish Du was gone so Boylan could not play him. Please see

4:42 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Sweets: To me, Gooden is pretty much a younger Joe Smith. Probably not as good as scorer as Joe, but a little better rebounder. I'm trying now to compare their relevant stats (I'm particularly interested to see if Gooden has a better Inside Shooting % than Joe) and if I uncover anything interesting, I'll post it. There are much worse placeholders to provide some stability while waiting for Tyrus to mature on the court. Let's just hope Boylan doesn't decide to run Gooden out there for 35 minutes a night, though.

4:56 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:08 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

To follow up briefly, relevant 82 games pages are here (for Gooden) and here (for Smith). My quick, dime-store analysis is that Smith is a much better jump shooter than Gooden, but Gooden is a much better finisher at the rim than Smith. HOWEVER, I would also guess that Gooden got a lot of easy dunks as a result of dump-offs from a driving, double-teamed LeBron. Sadly, I don't think he's going to get as many of those easy flushes while playing for the Bulls.

5:11 PM  
Blogger T Dizzle said...

I am not sad to see Wallace go I agree with one of the comments that Gooden is a younger Smith however I am not sure what Hughes brings us? And where does this leave Gordon and Thabo? Is Gordon gone? And if so who gives us scoring off the bench?

9:42 AM  
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