Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nineteen Minutes

That's how much tick Tyrus has gotten in the past two games combined, since he single-handedly took over the 4th against Golden State. Three minutes and 43 seconds of it has been in the fourth quarter.

Jim Boylan: Please. I've tried cursing you. Now I'm just begging you. I want to stop sounding like a broken record. Help me stop sounding like a broken record! I can't do it without you. Please. Even if he utterly fails and the Bulls lose, I'll at least get to complain about something else. C'mon, man. Be a mensch.


Blogger T Dizzle said...

I hate Jim Boylan! The only thing I can guess is that they are trying to "showcase" Joe Smith and Ben Wallace. Smith is playing 30+ minutes a game same with Wallace. That is valuable TT time! He is the future! Smith is a good pick up who should play 15-20 minutes a game and anchor the second team with BG and Noc. I am pleading with John Paxson force Boylan to bench Wallace, buy him out do something! TT must play, Noah must play! Thank God Thabo is playing I am at the point of desperation with this team

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