Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This Explains A Lot

Via Henry, I see that Luol Deng has been touting the works of Spencer Johnson (Who Moved My Cheese? and The Present), claiming how "positive" and "inspiring" they are. To Henry, this is all jokey stuff, but to those of us who are suffering through a 4-11 season, Luol's 5 for Gazillion shooting nights, and (as Matt shrewdly notes) his inability to step up his game when facing some of the more elite SFs in the league, this is deadly serious stuff, a concrete example of the chestnut "Garbage In, Garbage Out."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, I hate that book (Who Moved my Cheese) - a company I worked for a couple years ago sprang for a copy for every employee, right before it was sold and we all got layed off.

But, if it does anything for Lu getting his game back on track, maybe I'll have to dial down my level of hate for it.

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