Thursday, October 11, 2007

Y'all Think Ty Rise Has Off-Season Issues?

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Mr. Antoine Walker. Seventeen pounds over his playing weight and 15 percent body fat. Hell, even my percentage is probably lower than that.

Also wanted to point toward this K.C. story on the recently cut Joseph Blair. Obvously you can't choose a roster based on how cool guys are, but if you could, it sounds like Blair would be an All-Star. K.C. did a great job of portraying that as well. It seems to me this is exactly the type of in-depth, personal story a beat writer should be doing during the slow time of training camp, rather than fanning the flames of non-existent rivalries.

Also, True Hoop has David Thorpe's thoughts on Justin Cage. Down, but not out.


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