Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First Preseason Game Thread

I might update this throughout the night, or I might change the channel. For now, a couple first quarter thoughts:

1) Deng playing the two might be most useful in picking up fouls on the other team's two guard when he goes in the post. He's gonna be much bigger than most twos, and so I think he's going to draw a lot of fouls just by establishing position down there. Considering how good so many of the two guards in the East are (Wade, Vince, Redd, Rip, Ray Allen, etc.), this could be a nice asset to have. Much as I love Ben Gordon, he seems to draw most of his fouls on big men when he drives to the hoop, not out on the perimeter at the point of attack, and certainly not in the post.

2) It's nice having a guy inside who is tall and can dunk (Noah). He had a nice block too. And a nice assist to Noce in the corner. The post moves, however...uhhhh, not so good.

3) To judge from his first jumper, Ty should have been taking 900-1,000 shots a day in the offseason.

4) After the second half of the second quarter, I think I'm switching channels. Keeping in mind it's an utterly meaningless game against less than stellar competition, Noah, I thought, looked pretty impressive.


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