Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Return trip to the United Center

So we're getting eleven game ticket packages again this year. I'm excited to see TyRise get nasty, Noce flop a bit, and an occasional drive into the lane, go under the basket and come out the other side for a turn-around jumper from Kirk. But, I must say the United Center is an awful environment for watching basketball (certainly our nosebleed seats don't help). The crowd gets more fired up following the donut/bagel/coffee race during a timeout than at almost any time during the game. Super lame.

Anyway, I'm excited about N.C. State being decent this year in hoops and thought back to hell hole of a barn (Reynolds) they played in when I went there.

This video gives just a small glimpse of what it was like. No A/C, loud as hell and the students two feet away from the court - basketball at its finest.

Duke vs. N.C. State in '89. Totally awesome baby!