Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Democracy In Action, Part Deux

A couple of us TYIers are mulling over the 11-game Bulls plans and we've run into a bit of a dilemma. Plan A obviously has little to offer outside of the chance to see Durant play live, the chance to see whether Iverson and Melo can make it work this year, and a Jan. matchup against the Pistons. But Plans B and C are both pretty intriguing and hard to choose between. Here are each plan's merits:

Plan B: It kicks off with the early November matchup against Detroit that already has Basden licking his chops. We then go to a matchup against the Hawks (enh, although as a Gator fan, I'd like to see how Big Al's progressing), followed shortly thereafter with a nice test against the Mavs. That's followed by a New Year's Eve afternoon game against Rashard and Big Dwight, and then comes the always enjoyable opportunity to boo the Knicks while showering Zeke with our eponymous gratitude. There's a dud game in late January against the T'Wolves (although again, Gator fan, Brewer, etc.), but that's followed up by a Valentine's Day matchup against the hated Heat (and Shaq might be coming out of his hibernation about this time). In March, as the playoff race is heating up, we get Lebron and the Nets, and in the April homestretch, we get to check out the newly revamped Celtics, which is then followed up by one of (if not the) last home games against an improving Raptors squad, which could have some serious playoff implications. Like I said, not bad.

Plan C: Starts off slow against the Brand-less Clips in early November and the Bobcats on Dec. 1. On Dec. 19, we get the Lakers--might Kobe be playing for us against them?--and on Dec. 28, a Bucks team that I think could be intriguing rolls into town. Things start to heat up considerably in January, however. On the third, HCO (Here Comes Oden). On the 18th, last year's playoff darlings Golden State shows up with their up-and-down style. Nine days later, we get a chance for some revenge on a Sunday afternoon with a (presumably ABC telecast) game against Nash and the Suns. February's quiet, with only Agent Weirdo coming to town on Leap Year Day, but that may not be all bad. (Will I want to be trekking to the UC in February?) Things get really exciting in March, as we got two more matchups against the West's best with Utah and Deron Williams followed up by the Spurs. Then on April 11, in a game with potentially MASSIVE inter-division consequnces, we go up against LeBron.

My personal feeling is that Plan B is more enticing overall, but that the highlights of Plan C are pretty high (and it also gives us more chances to see how the Bulls measure up against the best in the West, and thus, the best in the league). I think this is win-win, but if you readers have any preferences, by all means, pipe up in the Comments.


Blogger Toph said...

No need to presume... that game against the Suns is indeed scheduled to be on ABC.

If you're interested, I maintain 2 Bulls calendars and an NBA calendar at:



10:01 AM  
Anonymous Coach Skiles said...

Ok, I've decided. I'll take Plan B (please bring on the bad jokes.)

11:11 AM  
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