Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bulls First!

Bullshooter wants to know what's up with the lack of TYI content these days? The answer is simple, my friends.

Due to the tremendous uncertainty w/r/t the Ben Gordon negotiations, TYI has temporarily suspsended its blogging campaign, in order to make sure that the Bulls and Ben Gordon can get together and get this thing done. Now is not the time for partisan bickering over whether we can get a taller, more "prototypical" shooting guard or whether we should be panicking over the prospect of Kirk Hinrich and/or Larry Hughes as the starting two guard. Folks, without the services of Ben Gordon, the Bulls are facing an imminent offensive---what's the word? oh, that's right---meltdown and massive scoring crunch, with some analysts fearing a return to the Great Scoring Depression of 1998-99. Until that fact is acknowledged (and remedied), there's really no need for any unseemly politicking that one might normally find on a Bulls blog. TYI is currently working with both parties on a multi-million dollar offensive bailout plan, and we believe any blogging before that plan has been agreed to would be downright unpatriotic to the millions of hard-working Bulls fans out there, waiting for this to get done.

(OTOH, I do have another post idea in the hopper, and might get around to writing the damn thing one of these days.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laziness Rectified

Been meaning to do this for months now, but after I saw that the estimable Kelly Dwyer was kind enough to shout us out and place us in such august company as Blog-A-Bull and K.C., I ran post haste to our Template page to add the Talented Mr. Dwyer to the TYI-Approved Blogroll.

Some call it Quid Pro Quo, Honest Graft, Get-Love-Then-Give-Love; I prefer quoting my man Bill Raft: "Socialism at its finest!"

Monday, September 08, 2008

Who Knew?

The folks at Deadspin can have their fun, but to judge from this:

[A]t which point Marbury dropped the following thought on my head that we now pick up midstream:

"... Why does green mean that's the color green? Why can't you say another word for green being green? Know what I'm saying?"

I did not.

But it sounds to me like Starbury has been reading the second half of Wittgenstein's opus. Good for him.