Thursday, January 08, 2009

Something to Chew On...

...for all the Ben Gordon haters out there: The Bulls' two-guards are ranked 7th in the league in Positional PER at 17.8. (And I can assure you, Larry Hughes (14.6) is not helping matters.)** And for all the talk about how much of a detriment Gordon is as a defender, it's worth noting that they're sixth in net difference. So unless you think the Bulls are going to pick up D-Wade, Kobe, Joe Johnson, Brandon Roy, or Ray Allen, you might want to re-think your assumptions about how easy Gordon will be to replace.

Bulls are ranked 11th at PG (Yay, D. Rose!), 22nd at SF (You're worth every penny of that $70 plus mil., Luol!), 27th at PF (and second to last in Net), and 20th at C (and dead last in Net).

Helluva defensive frontcourt you've put together, Pax!

**Actually, I'm being unfair to Mr. Hughes. When he plays the 2-guard, his PER is nothing to sniff at. Not a giant sample, but still, fair's fair.


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