Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sam's Mea Culpa

It's not clear if Smith thinks Tyrus is lazy or not.

From 'graph 7
"Former coach Scott Skiles offered the second-most trenchant observation of his tenure when he volunteered that Thomas never once sprinted the court."

From 'graph 15
"It's not because they had a star or a low-post presence or great overall talent. It was because they played hard all the time, they would defend and they could bring waves of young, long-limbed players into the game to defend, disrupt and frazzle opponents. Those guys were Thomas, Thabo Sefolosha and Joakim Noah, primarily."

But finally he crunches the numbers, and not even the tricky ones.
"But the Bulls were 25-5 last season when Thomas played at least 15 minutes, and though Boylan is working the veterans to get wins, which he hopes will lead to a return engagement next season, the real priority is to find out about players like Thomas."



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good for sam.

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