Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gosh, Ya Think Jim Boylan Expects To Be Somewhere Else Next Season?

Who knew Boylan had a CDL? Shouldn't a coach at least try to spin the blame somewhere else? It seems like a good idea, and everyone will look, feel, and sound less dumb. Getting the occasional back rub from a columnist for holding the players accountable (and never blaming yourself for leaving Nocioni on the court for 28 shit-tastic minutes, or a 3 guard lineup when only 3 guards are healthy, and 1 of 'em is capable of scoring) doesn't mean you're a deft handler of the media.

I would feel just a little bit better about this season if the organization had the brains to pump up its players, and not have Skiles/Boylan frequently trashing the roster that they're too incompetent to manage effectively. The Bulls absolutely sucked last night, but it's pretty obvious motivating the team with a flamethrower isn't going to work.

Why was the over-compensated Ben Wallace the only notable free agent signed in the past 10 years, and why did extensions get turned down? Maybe Jerry Sloan's jersey is doing the coaching, and maybe Lake Michigan's salinity is higher than it used to be. Maybe.


Anonymous Matt said...

Ron Mercer begs to differ.

1:21 PM  
Blogger T Dizzle said...

Is he still in the league?

2:14 PM  

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