Thursday, December 08, 2011

With No Great Moves Availables, Why Not Make A Dick Move?

Reading Zach Lowe’s analysis of Miami signing Shane Battier got me thinking…

Lowe writes about the move’s financial ripple effects for Miami’s roster, and notes, “The Heat have tendered Chalmers a $1.1 million qualifying offer, and Battier’s decision to take less than the full mid-level should allow Miami to retain its point guard at that cost. [But] if another team offers much more, Miami might have to let Chalmers go…”

I know that the Bulls’ biggest need is at 2-guard, but seeing as Jason Richardson (a great shooter, but only a middling defender and not much of a shot creator) is probably the best realistic option on the free agency market, I’m wondering if whether instead the Bulls should swoop in and offer Chalmers a part of their MLE (say, a 3-year, $9 mil. deal) to backup Derrick Rose and maybe even play alongside him at times.

Chalmers would obviously be woefully under-sized as a two-guard, but he can shoot the three, handle the rock and create for others, play hard on-the-ball D, and he hit some of Miami’s biggest shots in the Finals against Dallas (i.e., he has a bit of Simmons’ “Irrational Confidence Guy” in him). He’d allow the Bulls to part much more easily with C.J. Watson in any future trades for a starting 2, and perhaps more importantly, stealing him from Miami would leave the Heat with only one player, rookie Norris Cole, at PG, and there sure as hell aren’t a lot of other appetizing options out there on the market.

With Wade and James, Miami can obviously play without a traditional point, but adding one more thing (primary ballhandler) to either player’s list of duties is likely to make them somewhat worse in another area, considering just how many things Miami calls on both players to do (scoring, rebounding, playmaking, shotblocking, wing-defending, etc.). Signing away Chalmers from Miami may not be a great move for the Bulls, but it would be a dick move to Miami, which might make it the Bulls’ best option at this point.