Friday, April 16, 2010

Deep, Deep Playoff Analysis/Prediction

Bulls in six.

Logic? Fuck the Internet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not That I Would Ever Be One To Say 'I Told You So'...

...but with regards to this, please note that back in July I wrote:

There are a ton of teams that are going to have salary cap space next year, and why any of the top free agents would choose to play for a franchise this fucked up and screwy is beyond my ken.

Would love to be proven wrong obviously (and maybe a big check and playing alongside Derrick will be all that matters), but if there's a more screwy NBA franchise with supposedly "stable" ownership, I'd like to know what it is.

On a sidenote, can I just say I loved this from David Haugh:

As loyal as Reinsdorf is to employees, he is unlikely to fire Paxson over this. Nor should he. Paxson has served the organization long enough and well enough to classify this as an isolated incident. It's impossible to ignore the emotional capital Paxson has accrued within the organization. [Emphasis mine, as is that jaw, on the fucking floor]

Curious if readers can point to one thing Paxson has done (ouside of drafting D. Rose and Noah, who were both totally obvious picks at their respective draft slots) that literally anyone off the street (not named Isiah Thomas) couldn't have done. Let Ben Gordon go for nothing? Sign Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, and Ben Wallace to outsized contracts? Pawn off Drew Gooden and Nocioni on a Kings franchise in desperate need of salary-cutting? Screw Isiah in one-sided trades? Seriously, what are the Bulls franchise's successes under the excellent reign of Pax? I count one playoff series win in seven years of his tenure. Even in a country that loves to reward failure, this fucking guy is hardly irreplaceable.

UPDATE: I meant to put this in the first draft, but the absolute worst thing about all this is that it's drawing attention away from what was a) an absolutely astonishing performance by Rose ( this dunk took my breath away) and b) another yeoman's effort from Noah, whose court game as of late has been stupdendous. Both of these guys have been playing out of their minds in the crucible of a playoff race, and meanwhile John Paxson is losing his shit over two fucking minutes and taking away from what should be their well-earned kudos. What an embarrassment.