Sunday, April 20, 2008

Myers To Moon: Blah-Blah-Blah, Playoffs, Give Colangelo My Number

I hope he said that last part anyway. From the home Greg Zaun's blog, Paul Jones has the Pete Myers-Jamario Moon scoop.
There is even some help coming from the outside in a round about way. At the end of the final regular season game in Chicago, Bulls assistant Pete Myers stood at centre court talking with Jamario Moon after many players were far into the tunnel heading back to the locker room.

This was not a hollow quick “nice game and good luck” chat. The two men both hail from Alabama. I approached Myers in the parking lot as I was heading to the bus and asked him about the conversation. He said he was telling Moon to focus and really “go hard” come playoff time because the post season can be a fleeting entity that can be taken from you so quickly.

In short, you can’t take it for granted. These games aren’t like the others.

“Look at us,” is what Myers said with his palms facing the sky.
Then quit. Make it official. Yeesh. I'm starting to think the Skiles regime deserves even more blame for 2007-08.