Sunday, July 29, 2007

Surprise, Surprise

I saw this headline and thought, "Well, Wade WOULD think that."

(Semi-related question: Is a crap post like this better than no post at all? I mean, what's a Bulls blogger to do when there is just nothing going on right now?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude you need to write a post about how you're pissed that the Heat's main off-season move is to get Smush Parker. WTF!

1. Resign Posey
2. Trade D. Wright for Jarret Jack
3. Trade D-Wil for whatever you can get.
4. Convince 'Toine to take up baseball and void his contract.

Seriously, here's the Heat for next
year -

1 - D.Wil/Smush
2 - Wade/ Eddie Jones?/Daequan Cook
3 - D.Wright/ Posey?
4 - Haslem/ Toine
5 - Shaq/ Zo/ Doleac

A lot of old knees on that front line, pg a big if, is Wade healthy?, is Shaq in shape?

Riles got a magic bullet in Wade, but I really don't know about his Gm ability the last two years.


8:31 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Well, Riles sacrificed the Heat's future for a championship. And it worked. But now this is the team they have. I don't think you can really blame Riles as a GM. They tried for Mo Williams, but Milwaukee could offer a buttload more dough, and none of the other point guards out there were much better than Smush. (Maybe Blake, but what did he sign for again? Portland, for some reason, paid him quite a bit.) Franchise seemed dead set on Houston, and it's not like he's a great get any how.

As for what they should do: If they can get him cheaply, yes, resign Posey for 1-2 years. I don't think you can trade Dorrell Wright until you know what you have. He played well in spurts last year, but then for whatever reason, Riles buried him. In a way, that might help his value--you can make the case for his "tremendous upside potential"--but I'd like to see him paired with Wade for a season and see how they play off each other. It would help if he had a jumper, which I don't think he does, but having two slashers who can sky hop could be pretty interesting. In any event, he makes them younger and more athletic, which is definitely what the Heat need.

As for Jarret Jack, I don't think he is a decisively better player than J Wil or even Smush, for that matter. Portland obviously doesn't think that much of him, or else they wouldn't have signed Blake.

But really, when it comes to the Heat, the only questions are the ones that you asked. If Wade is healthy and Shaq is in shape, they can compete, if not defeat, with pretty much everyone in the East. (I'd say the Bulls are probably the lone exception.) If neither of those two preconditions are met (and particularly the first one), then it really doesn't matter who else this team rolls out; they're not doing squat.

12:20 AM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Just did a quick comparison of Jack v. Smush. Jack scores about a point more per game and shoots two percentage points higher overall, but two less from 3-pt. land, which is what the Heat need. (Smush shoots a respectable 36.5). Jack also has about two more assists per game, but he also turns the ball over more (almost 2.5 per game, compared to Smush's 1.8).

I think Jack's a better player with more potential than Smush, but not so much so that I'd trade Dorrell for him.

12:29 AM  

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