Monday, July 30, 2007

KG To The Celts...Again?

That's the word on the street. The deal would be Rondo, Al Jefferson, Ratliff's contract and probably some future picks, just to make sure that the Celtics, after a brief one-to-two year hiatus, won't be relevant again for the next decade.

Imagine being a T'Wolves fan, and knowing that you're getting this garbage for KG, instead of Luol Deng, Tyson Chandler and Ty Thomas. I think you could kill Kevin McHale, brandish those two deals in court and get off with justifable homicide, at least if the jury was made up of NBA-knowlegable fans.

On the other hand, the Wolves could be positioning themselves to make a really hard and committed run at the 25 percent chance of winning the O.J. Mayo Sweepstakes next year. I guess if you're McHale, and you've already run this franchise into the ground, why not act like Bush (or an autoerotic asphixiation fetishist), and keep choking yourself, more and more and more, in the thin hope that maybe, just maybe, right before the death throes arrive, you'll rub one out that will be the biggest, baddest yank of them all.

Or maybe McHale's become a man beyond reason, who just wants to watch the whole thing burn?


Blogger Big Sweet said...

Oh digby. Imagine being a young T'Wolves fan, watching your favorite player fly the coop, only to be followed by a guy with no jumper, Jefferson and some future picks. As Buster says, "Wow. That's what it feels like to get punched in the face."

10:28 AM  

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